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Having an uninsured motorist or under-insured motorist claim (UM/UIM claim) doesn’t usually qualify for the fun list, but if you’re faced with having to deal with this type of claim, fun or not, it pays to educate yourself about these types of claims.

uninsured motorist diminished value win

Let’s start this article out right with some good news! We just had a client go to court in Collin County, Texas and she got a big win thanks to our appraisal and expert help and our attorney who stepped in to get that case into court! More details about that case are a few paragraphs below so keep reading!

The Norm for Uninsured Motorist Diminished Value Claims – a BIG FAT DENIAL

Believe it or not, the vast majority of insurance adjusters do not get any training on how to handle an uninsured motorist diminished value claim. In fact, insurance companies routinely refuse to pay for uninsured motorist diminished value claims and make up all kinds of excuses why they don’t owe for them. It’s just a claims handling tactic meant to deter people that don’t have much wherewithal or persistence. With just a little bit of research, you can prove to yourself that your own insurance company owes you for any inherent diminished value you sustain due to an uninsured or under-insured motorist.

The best case to cite for a Texas uninsured motorist diminished value claim is the Noteboom vs. Farmers case that you can easily find with an internet search.

Now, don’t get all excited since you now know the truth.

You can rest assured that even with the exact right answer and perfect evidence, the insurance company will balk and typically refuse to pay anything near the real diminished value amount. When that happens, you have to know how to bring your claim to a close without messing up your ability to use the court system.

How Can You Fight for Diminished Value on your Uninsured Motorist Policy?

Many policies require that you get the permission of your insurance company before you can sue the at fault party.

And guess what, the carrier can just say no!

So then what do you do?

  • What if you don’t even know who hit you?
  • Who would you even ask to sue?
  • If the carrier says you can’t sue, is it just over?

The questions above are common questions that pop up during an uninsured motorist claim and, unfortunately, there are not very many people that know the right answers so insurance companies rarely have to answer for this sneaky and unethical practice. Good thing is….we DO know how it works!

Uninsured Motorist Diminished Value Denials – Don’t Let Them Make You Give Up!


UM diminished value win

Hear about Cindy’s success straight from the horse’s mouth:

My claim started back in 2015. When I talked to Justin on the phone, he explained everything and I knew he was the one to get results!  It was a hard fight against State Farm but my expert, Justin Petty, did not give up!  When I moved out of Texas, Justin and Jen kept me informed and up-to-date on everything.  Eventually, I had to get an attorney due to consistent denials so Justin introduced me to one in his network who fought just as hard as he did on my case! So, 3 years later, after everyone’s hard work on my claim, I got wonderful results!!!   Thanks to the wonderful team Justin & Jen and their attorney who stepped in to help! I am so happy with the results!!!    – Cindy

Hopefully this case study below will give you hope and spur you to reach out to us for help on your claim INSTEAD of giving up.

You have found the right help!

My office can assist you with obtaining the proper documentation to support your uninsured motorist diminished value claim and we have a network of attorneys that love to teach lessons to insurance companies!

Our most recent case with Cindy, who you heard from above, involved an Uninsured Motorist Diminished Value claim was for a vehicle owner that had State Farm Insurance.

When the owner got an appraisal for diminished value and requested that State Farm pay her damages, they simply refused and offered nothing more than their own belief that they do not owe for inherent diminished value on an uninsured motorist claim.

After unsuccessfully trying to get a manager or anybody to see reason and try to settle the claim, the owner asked my office for an attorney and I referred them to our best one here in the Dallas, Texas area.

Even after the attorney got involved and made a demand, State Farm simply refused to acknowledge that they owed for diminished value.

They maintained an offer of $0.00 when the actual diminished value appraisal reflected over $5000.00 in lost value!

State Farm refused to pay until the bitter end, which came when Cindy got her day in court.  We showed up with our attorney to small claims court and got a $5000.00 judgment from a jury!

So, what does that mean for you?

Simply put, the insurance company doesn’t have a defense to a formal appraisal, but most carriers will certainly attempt to make you believe that they have some magical crystal ball that tells them that they don’t owe you for your damages.  They will deny until the bitter end and you have to hire the RIGHT EXPERT (ahem…!) who has a network of professionals that can help you no matter the circumstance that arises.  The most important thing to do is set yourself up for success from the beginning of the claim and don’t let them wear you down with delay tactics and unfair denials. There is a lot of specialized knowledge that goes into getting these claims settled and we are here to share that with you.

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