Scares and Startles – The Petty Details We Love!

petty details we love

Scares & Startles are the Petty Details We Love today!

Through the years of being a couple, Justin and I have shared some hearty, gut-busting laughs at the expense of others or each other (mostly Justin laughing, me getting scared) through scares and startles and we have passed that love down to our dear son.  This morning, Justin got a great laugh at my expense again during a short meeting and that inspired me to make scares & startles the Petty Details we love for our post today!

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Spring Beauty In All It’s Glory – Petty Details We Love!

petty details we love

Petty Details We Love – Spring Beauty!

Colossal has done it again!  They continue to bring the most beautiful detailed works of art to light and their website is full of a million more where this one came from.  Take a close look at what I think is the most beautiful thing springtime brings – Butterflies!  Their post is the Petty Detail we love today!

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There’s No Such Thing As Diminished Value


Taken directly from adjuster training school handbook

Here are some samples from the actual handbook that explains exactly why you are crazy if you believe in diminished value, especially as an adjuster (personal vehicles excluded, of course). There is no such thing as diminished value – we’ll keep it short. . .

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2013 Kia Sorento Diminished Value Win – $3000 Settlement!

Kia Sorento diminished value win

LOCATION: Litchfield Park, Arizona

Another success to brag about and this time it’s a 2013 Kia Sorento diminished value win!  Amber had a pretty bad wreck with over $10,000 damages to her 2013 Kia Sorento and luckily she hired a law firm that was familiar with our stellar diminished value services and decided to hire us for the case.  The claim was against an insurance company that is notorious for just saying no, no matter what, but that never stops us from fighting!
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